“Battery Banks can deliver very high levels of current that can vaporize metal, start fires and cause explosions.”– our 6000W Power Inverter owners manual

Well . . . we almost had a very bad explosion kinda thing. We have been having problems with our solar electricity storage — we seem to not have much energy stored no matter how much sun we’ve had. The inverter tells us we have a full charge, but then we can’t even charge the computers. Then there was the smell of burning plastic that we couldn’t track down . . .


So, we took the kitchen apart in order to get clear access to the entire battery storage area. What we found down there surprised and shocked us. We got very lucky. The cables had come loose, had moved, and at times were arcing. The negative terminal on the initial battery in the storage melted almost completely. The positive and negative cables had melted together and were almost to the point of copper touching copper.


It could have been a terrible situation if we had waited any longer before working on this problem. Of course, we didn’t know what was happening under the kitchen area, so it was fortuitous for us that we had decided to take time to attend to all of Godzilla’s needs.


So, today Stacey and I took the entire electrical system apart, and put it back together again minus one battery. Now we have 5 batteries for storage — which was the number of batteries in our original plan. We had acquired an extra battery for free so had included it in the storage system, but now we are back to the original 5. We’ll see if that’s enough storage for our needs — we know it is not nearly enough to store all the potential energy from our 1 kW solar system, but it may be enough for us.

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